SEO Specialist


Within my range of services in Digital Marketing, I am an SEO Specialist.

My passion for Search Engine Optimisation started by accident in 2016 when I started my beauty blog. Little did I know that I was writing content and managing the blog in just the way that Google wanted it – organised, consistent, top-quality and always organic! The success of this blog made move it from a hobby to being my 9-to-5 for a company a couple of years later.

Now, I have a balance between Digital Marketing and SEO specific projects but my core specialisation is still Search Engine Optimisation.

I can help businesses apply SEO best practices in their websites. From technical SEO that can help with speed and indexation, to on-page SEO, that will make sure that your content is well structured and written in the best possible way.

I am based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, but I was born in Spain, so I am confortable working in both English and Spanish.

Do you feel like your website could do better when it comes to SEO? Would you like to have an audit to make sure your content is doing its best? No matter what your Search Engine Optimisation queries are, email me and I would love to see how we ca get it improved!