How to improve SEO rankings for beauty brands

Cómo mejorar el posicionamiento SEO para marcas de belleza

How to improve SEO rankings for beauty brands? When it comes to search engine optimization, it is always a good idea to focus on the specific sector that we are dealing with. For example, these are some determining factors to launch a positioning strategy within the beauty sector:

  • Number of competitors in a certain market
  • Level of investment in Google Ad Words made by other companies
  • Most common types of websites within the industry (e-commerce or service pages)

Carrying out a well-performing SEO campaign involves being clear about these factors, and thus being able to compose a quality SEO strategy.

SEO positioning for beauty brands

The first step in your SEO strategy should be planning the keywords on your website.

The main objective of your beauty brand is to appear in the first positions of the results of the different internet search engines (SERP). In order to do so, you should carry out a study of keywords using specific SEO tools. As I said before, you must also carry out an in-depth analysis of your industry and, based on the information collected, design a personalised SEO strategy that will help your website rank in the best rankings in your sector.

Once the SEO strategy and the analysis of keywords have been carried out, we can move on to the writing and optimization of content. These tasks will give you greater visibility, attract new users and increase web traffic organically.

Social media for beauty brands

Once this strategy is defined, you can reuse these keywords in your social media, so that these keywords are aligned with your social SEO and you can access your audience from all phases of the purchase funnel.

Email marketing for cosmetics

A key piece of digital marketing for any beauty company is email marketing.

A newsletter is a fundamental step to add value to your audience while achieving monetization of your content by showing them the most relevant services or products for each topic.

The writing of marketing emails is shorter than texts for the web but highly precise in the way of communicating. We do not need to focus so much on SEO, but on capturing the attention of the reader. Both in the subject of the email and in the body of the text.

SEM campaigns

Once you’ve built your SEO content base, a good way to achieve short-term goals is to launch a Google Ads campaign. These paid campaigns are usually more profitable when the organic keywords on the web are the same (or similar) to the keywords in the paid campaign.

E-commerce of cosmetics

Beauty e-commerce websites are the main applicants for SEO services. This is because these types of products are very popular for online sales, but also for this reason, due to the high competitiveness that exists in the market.

Natural skincare e-commerce

I want to dedicate a special mention to natural skincare e-commerce sites, since I have observed a greater demand from this type of store. Online natural cosmetics stores are a response to the traditional global cosmetics market. In many cases, these are small or medium-scale businesses for which reaching a global audience that is interested in their products is essential.

For this type of business, a local SEO strategy is usually recommended, to make the most of the potential of local sales.

However, we cannot neglect the global reach that they can have, so why not internationalise the brand? From SEO Beauty we offer the writing service in different languages ​​and the translation service.

SEO for beauty and aesthetics centres

Beauty centres (both beauty centres and medical centres) usually demand online positioning services in a specific way.

This type of business usually has a higher product ticket, with which the value of the keyword is usually higher, positioning itself as one of the most difficult types of keywords to obtain.

I usually advise an organic traffic growth strategy that is aligned with one of SEM, since the competition in this type of market shows a strong commitment to paid positioning.

SEO for luxury beauty brands

Luxury cosmetics is a sub-sector within the beauty products industry that presents some special characteristics within SEO positioning. The reason is that the average price per product is higher than in other e-commerce and the SEM strategy is more aggressive than for other products.

Based on this, an effective SEO strategy for luxury beauty brands must take into account this higher keyword ticket and act accordingly.

In my experience working in SEO (specifically multilingual SEO) for some luxury brands, I have been able to verify that the budgets dedicated to this part of marketing do not stop increasing.

As you can see, to improve SEO positioning for beauty brands you must take into account not only the keywords you want to position, but also your industry and the competitors around you. Throughout my experience in positioning beauty and fashion websites I have been able to get to know the market first-hand and I am passionate about what I do! Write me an email and ask for a quote without commitment.