How to hire me


Do you need a Digital Marketer or SEO consultant? You are in the right place! Now, what to do to work with me?

First of all, tell me about your project. You can email me to or you can text me via LinkedIn. Whatever it’s easier for you!

Let me know about your business, and what you would need. I will come back to you with a quote and to discuss the scope of the project, details and timelines. Once all is signed off, we can get the ball rolling and kick-off the project!

I am passionate about what I do, and I get very excited when someone comes to me with a new marketing challenge. So don’t be shy and tell me about yours!

A bit more about me…

I am Sonia and I am based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. I love wandering around the streets of this beautiful town full of history. I am bilingual in English and Spanish and my passion about SEO started in 2016 when I started my first skincare blog, now a reference site for all things fashion and beauty.

Throughout my career I have helped both Spanish and British companies in their SEO rankings, in projects both B2B, e-commerce and content websites.