Digital Marketing Consultant


Digital Marketing is an essential part of any online business. Making sure that you are addressing the right audience for your products or services and the right platforms is the key to optimise your marketing efforts.

Throughout my experience working in marketing for multinational companies I’ve come to understand that no matter if you are looking to engage with your staff or sell more to your clients (whether these are B2C or B2B), the basics of digital marketing are the same – understand your audience’s needs, how you can help them, and use the right tools to connect with them.

I offer consultancy services at different levels, from strategy to execution. I can help you put together a content marketing strategy for the year ahead or simply work on a specific email marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation is my specialisation within Digital Marketing. The best case study for this SEO services is the successful beauty blog that I run and that has given me the chance to work with wonderful brands that I always admired.

Regarding industries, I team up mainly with brands from beauty, fashion, translation and financial services. Although I am willing to learn about other sectors to collaborate on new projects.

In terms of resources, I usually work alone, but I also have access to a network of writers in English, Spanish and other languages, as well as graphic designers, that allow me to scale up services when necessary.

Some of the platforms I use on a daily basis are (but not limited to!): SEM Rush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, WordPress, Mailchimp, Moosend, Canva, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier Pro.

However, I live and breathe digital marketing so I like to be up to date with the latest tools and trends, training myself 24/7. You will likely spot me in most Marketing Events in London and surroundings (if you ever bump into me, don’t hesitate to say hi!).

I am based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, but born and raised in Spain, so I can work in both English and Spanish. I have BA in Translation, so I am aware of the cultural nuances of the audiences when it comes to localising content.

Drop me a line telling me about your project and I will be happy to assist you!